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At The Star, we emphasise on continuous learning and development for all our employees. We believe that earning one set of qualifications does not mean an individual wants to stop expanding his or her body of knowledge. Once you stop learning, you stop growing; and if you stop growing, how can you ever have a truly fulfilling career?

An employee's professional development continues throughout his/her career with us, mainly through on-the-job training in the form of technical and skills courses conducted by both in-house as well as external experts in their respective fields.

Categories of Trainings & Development Programmes:

  • Administration / Business Development
  • Personnel Management & Human Development
  • IT & Multimedia (Software Application Programming)
  • Language & Communication
  • Quality & Productivity Improvement
  • The Young Talent Leadership Programme aims to:
    - Accelerate the development and growth of Top Young Talent in the organisation
    - Enhance the leadership capabilities of the Top Young Talent, there by enabling a leadership pipeline for succession planning
    - Build mindsets, process orientation, leadership and excellence

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