Interns' Testimonial

Human Resource Internship

"My Life with The Star"

By Niqi

Niqi All world-class leaders never stop learning. To keep themselves up to date on latest developments, opportunities and threats, and how best to tackle them, they realize that they have to educate themselves. As Winston Churchill said, "I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught".

The internship programme is one of the ways to learn how the realm of work really is. As a new graduate, it is crucial to keep oneself ready, and Internship provides a hands-on experience.

I'm sure everyone wants a successful life, the difference is how do we define success, it might be the money, the position, the relationship, the spirituality, or simply to be the first in the world. In order to reach that, being idle will never get anyone anywhere, the world rewards action, and internship is one of the actions that one can undertake especially when we are a newly graduate student.

I learnt a lot from interning in Star Publications (M) Bhd Human Resource Department. The most crucial lesson I learnt is that one needs to take action, thoughtful action, not sporadic action to get out of the cocoon, their comfort zone, and to attain their personal dream.

Talking about dreams, I do believe, the highest dream is what we think is impossible in the present, and we should not be afraid to dream and try to catch it.


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Intern's Testimonial