Interns' Testimonial

Editorial Internship

"My Life with The Star"

By Michelle Lim

I am Michelle Lim Xiu Hui and am currently taking Journalism course in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I did my internship in The Star, Malacca Bureau. During my internship I was able to learn many new things in the field of Journalism beyond what was taught in the classroom. I was able to gain insight into the daily routines and challenges of reporters.

It was a golden opportunity for me to work hand in hand with the people in The Star and throughout my tenure, they were very helpful and patient. Whenever I was assigned to an event, there would be a senior available to offer guidelines on how best to approach different situations.

Aside from reporting, I have also learned how to be a photojournalist where I was taught how to capture natural shots and at the same time caption it well to carry the story better. During the first month of my stint at The Star, my colleague and I would follow our Bureau Chief to events to learn the process of news gathering and at the same time get to know what is happening in the journalism world.

During this time, I was taught how to obtain relevant information while abiding to the house style in news reporting. In order to explore further I was then asked to do metro listing and also attend court trials in which I learnt the process and at the same time observed how court cases were conducted.

In addition, I was assigned to cover corporate events and competitions, which were mostly soft news. It was then that I was able to earn my first by-line together with my colleague in the Nation section of The Star. No doubt in The Star I have learned that everyday is a new day with new challenges and opportunities to learn. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to widen my journalistic skills and to reach out to readers from around the world.

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Intern's Testimonial