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Editorial Internship

"My Life with The Star"

By Liz

LizI was an intern with R.AGE from Oct-Nov 2007, two months. Back then it was a youth pull-out exclusively circulated around colleges and universities only.

I was a first-year student when my friend, Pei Ling and I decided to get an internship with R.AGE on our own initiative. Unlike Pei Ling, I had no diploma in Journalism so armed with what Star BRATs taught me I just delved into journalism and all its rigours with an urge to learn the ropes as much and as quickly as possible. It was a very hands-on experience as I did not know many aspects of journalism at that time. The most challenging aspects for me at the beginning was piecing together all the information I gathered via interviews to create a printable story. The other challenge I had was getting cab drivers to pick me up at peak hours. Once I was late for a video conference with Jamie Scott, the UK singer and I missed more than half of the session. However, I managed to return to office with some substance. Journalism tests your resourcefulness and pushes you to constantly think on your feet.

My internship with The Star as a youth desk journalist taught me to imagine myself in the shoes of the readers. The work is not merely about my skills, talents etc, it's about the bigger picture - service for the people. Realising that, it has made me think about career choices beyond monetary terms. (Of course, I'd want to have a comfortable life also la.). It has empowered me to push my limits as a writer. The whole experience opened my eyes to writing that I never really had the opportunity to learn in classrooms, which goes to show that I have to be willing to learn in any setting. This is the approach I adopt into everything that I do since and it has given me courage to approach fields and activities that I didn't know about and previously shied from. During the internship at The Star, I loved the people and working culture here. I would definitely want to work here again.

My favourite one-of-a-kind moment on the internship is probably the day I wore so many bright colours the other journalists looked at me funny. It was Halloween season and I was game to do something silly. So I went to The Curve to cover a press conference in a red top, neon yellow jacket, blue-green earrings, purple hairband and jeans. It's the Youth desk! All are forgiven!

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Intern's Testimonial