Interns' Testimonial

Editorial Internship

"My Life with The Star"

By Alicia Yeoh

I am Alicia Yeoh and I am currently in my third year of Journalism studies. My internship with The Star Malacca was a memorable one as my supervisor and my seniors were helpful and they tirelessly guided me throughout my internship.

During the first month of internship my friend and I would shadow seniors to familiarize ourselves with processes and procedures while at the same time build our media contacts and relations.

Even though I did not write any news on court proceedings, I was able to witness case trials and the do and don'ts while writing the news.

I was fortunate to have my internship coincide with the celebration of the Chinese New Year as during this time, we were frequently visited by hotels who came to share in the celebration with us. There was always 'yee sang' to top list, so I would dare say that this year would be the year that I tasted the most 'yee sang'.

My internship not only allowed me to widen my knowledge in journalism but it also sparked my interest in photography. I have learnt how to enable my photos to tell a story of its own, thereby literally living up to the experience of creating a 'picture that paints a thousand words'. It proved challenging at first but with the help of my senior the quality of my photos progressively improved.

The trip to Tanjung Tuan to observe migratory raptors was an unforgettable experience and it was made better when I was given a byline with my supervisor, an invaluable acknowledgement for any reporter.

In the four months of training I was also able to meet a few local celebrities and I guess this would be the perk of the job for those longing to meet their idols.

Throughout my internship I was assigned to attend corperate events and government functions.

In the field of journalism I have learned to ask and not assume as it plays a crucial role in establishing accurate facts and data.

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Intern's Testimonial