Group Marketing & Corporate Communication

Group Marketing & Corporate Communication, or more fondly known as GMCC, is a newly established department of The Star. In keeping with the growing demands of the marketplace, GMCC was created with two objectives in mind; to identify and capitalise on opportunities to strengthen the brand positioning, services, and marketing of the group as a whole and as individual entities, and to manage the reputation of the organisation through strategic engagement with key internal and external stakeholders.

GMCC is divided into six sections: Branding, Corporate Communication, CRM, Consumer & Product Segment Marketing (business extensions) and Research.

Branding and Corporate Communication work closely together to ensure the organisation's corporate brand identity and reputation is managed and where necessary, enhanced.

CRM mainly deals with Customer Care whilst Consumer & Product Segment Marketing look into strategies in creating the right products and services for the targeted audiences.

Research is largely responsible for market research and analyses to ensure the company is in touch with market trends, consumer preferences, competitors and more.

To ensure the company's business extensions sing to the same tune as the holding company and complement the efforts of the holding company, the respective teams work closely with GMCC to develop, manage, execute and assess campaigns and projects on an on-going basis.

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